How to Correct a Drive Slice

Why Do I Slice My Driver

Learn how to snap your wrists over at impact such that with a bucket of balls you can purposefully hook a ball pretty consistently. From a technical standpoint, slices happen when the club induces a clockwise for a rightie sidespin on the ball. To eliminate the slice you need the proper grip and setup, an inside-to-out downswing path and a square clubface. Position the ball off the inside of your front foot, about even with your heel, to promote an upward strike of the golf ball.

An outside-in swing is caused by swinging out, then down. This is a great indicator of the proper hand rotation as well as body rotation through the shot. There are two things you can do. The shoulder tilt at address is a great way to help eliminate the problem. Once you have that kind of dynamic range at impact, you'll know when you slice it right away, before you even see the trajectory.

Most commonly, this is because the clubhead faces right of the intended line. Also if you can point the clubhead down after impact, as demonstrated here, you'll put an end to sliced shots. If at any point you feel the club twist in your hands, you're hitting the ball with the toe of the club. The ball may also launch high. At the driving range bay, determine the desired line of travel, and draw a line or place a club along that line.

The more loft you have the more forgiving the driver is to slight mishits. Any how to help double below knee amputee golf again? Followed the advise and bingo I hit the ball straight.

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Slice No More

Think about cutting it down a bunch. The term release is more related to the breaking of the wrist after impact, not before from my understanding.

Position your hands as you see here, and maintain a firm, but supple, grip pressure. The next step is to incorporate some body turn into the drill, and to move the start of the loop from in front of the ball more toward your normal address position. Now, to stop the chicken wing, and to let the hands roll over through the hit, try using a credit card as I'm doing here.

How to Fix a Slice in 5 minutes - Golf Digest

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Slicing the golf ball sure does take the fun outta golf. And in this case, to really reduce or eliminate a slice, the clubface should be facing down toward the ground.

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Why do i slice my driver

Your shoulder turn and backswing are complete once you get the left shoulder under your chin. The club will swing on a shallower plane. Why do i slice my driver everytime? Square your shoulders so they're parallel to the target.

Position the grip mainly in the fingers of your left hand. To adjust for pulling left I went to the driving range and kept trying different release approaches and swinging flatter my wife's suggestion until the path of the ball started to go straight. If I tighten at the the top, I can't turn my hands over and end up with a fade or even a slice, usually in the rough. Have also been slicing my fairway woods but I can clearly see I have an outside-in swing so it is something I need to work on.

Work on not coming across the ball but more from the inside out. When you set up and then open your stance, you're actually moving the ball back in your stance. Those things combine to produce high, weak shots to the right. The proper shoulder tilt at address will promote a good shoulder turn on the backswing. As it turns out, it fixed my slice.

Set up to the ball with your head a few inches behind the ball to help promote an upward strike. Now if I could just figure out where to aim. For every ball path issue, there are only two things that can go wrong, the only problem is finding which it is, find out which of these two it is, and try to correct it.

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As a short-term solution to most of this, rotate the club counterclockwise to close the face until the shot flies straight, and then correct your aim left or right to compensate for the swing path. Email Required, but never shown. Now I'm hitting the fairways consistently. It is definitely frustrating when I can hit my long irons dead straight at a distance that exceeds my woods and driver.

Ok, you've got the right club and the right grip. Bc it is the longest club in the bag, the club head has the longest distance to travel and the more things can go wrong.

Hitting a big, weak slice is never any fun. The new adjustable drivers let you increase the loft and move weight to the clubhead's heel. My coach's advice, and subsequent suggestion from my wife minimized my driver slice a bunch. How can I avoid slicing with my driver? Are there certain things I should be looking to do differently when practicing with the driver rather than an iron?

How to Fix a Slice in 5 minutes

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Rotating the toe of the club over the heel will straighten out your ball flight or produce a slight right to left flight. Try it with your irons and wedges.

Method of Diagnosis - Close the clubface until the ball launches straight. Display as a link instead. Paste as plain text instead. If it drops straight down, you are good. Want to join this community?

If the shot goes down the intended line, the problem is an open clubface with a straight swing. Here's how to diagnose and fix the most common slices, for a right-hand golfer. The slice shot with the driver is a common shot among amateur golfers.

Getting rid of a slice sometimes requires you to not only think about the right positions of the body before you hit the ball, asrock p4v88 drivers for mac but also be aware of where you end up after you make contact. Another chief cause of slices for a beginner is that they stand too far away from the ball at address.

Golfers with a big slice should strive to see three knuckles of the left hand. And my misses were always slices.

With your head behind the ball and your right hand grip below the left, you'll have a natural tilt in your shoulders at address. After making these corrections you can enjoy a slice-free golf game. You can go from hitting a hook to playing good golf, but if you don't learn how to stop hitting shots with an open clubface, you won't get very far. He was able to help me get my hips rotating correctly and get me really putting force into the swing where I wanted it. Learn how to hook the ball.