Holley Sniper EFI Sniper EFI Coil Driver Module

Coil Driver Ignition

There is a high risk that you will damage your source. This would explain the lack of current drop. On the diagram, I see only three exits for the generator. Allthough this circuit works, it is really not good. On the connection to the comparator?

Sniper EFI Coil Driver Module

This helps prevent arcing from the ignition coils terminals. Also, what kind of voltage could I expect to get out of the ignition coil if I ran it with a sine wave instead of a square wave, using it as a normal autotransformer? It is highly dependant upon the ignition coil you use. Somtimes people place ignition coils in a container filled with oil. Any circuit recommendations.

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The impedance of the coil will also increase with frequency. To do this a spacial square wave power supply is uses which switches power on and off to the coil hundreds or thousands of times per second. The voltage is plenty but the current of the coil alone would not be. Different coil types will not work so well together.

Is your purpose for X-ray imaging? It has been answered here. Do you have any suggestions of how to achieve what I want to do? They both have been getting hot and especially when I spark them which I am doing to determine voltage level and current.

4 Channel Coil Driver
Super Simple Ignition Coil Drivers

At several frequencies, you will see a distinct rise in output voltage. All my excuses if that is doubled bloom.

While these are cheap and high temperature tolerant, they are susceptible to voltage spikes caused by the inductive nature of the load ignition coil. Another popular coil driver is the popular is this timer driver. Also the driver circuit will produce less square pulses as the frequency increases, i5 4690k drivers The pulses must be as square as possible. Problems with ignition coils are usually easy to detect as they produce symptoms that will be quite noticeable to the driver.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Ignition Coil

Paralleling bipolar transistors in this way is not reliable. In such a thing the spark plugs are connected at each end of the secondary winding and both plugs fire somewhat simultaneously. The values used will depend on your drive frequency. For a saltwater cap the water needs to be saturated with salt no more will dissolve.

The antiparralel inition coil setup actually seems to be more likley to blow transistors when its not loaded. Breadboard is not suitable.

You will need to detimine what works best for your setup. This will protect the transistors but it is not efficient because a lot of heat is generated when the high current flows through a resistor. So far nothing has happened. Making arcs which is neccesary for the high temperatures is effectivley a short circuit accros the transformer output.

Hello, I have a few questions about these ignition coils and drivers in general, and was wondering if anyone here could answer them. This is what you have in a typical ignition coil driver to make your arc.

Am I right in thinking thats because they counteract each other. Can a blown capacitor on the rotary switch be the cause? If you want to snub out the spikes at the source then yes, but this can effect performance. The dimmer circuit is limited to a low frequency modulation of the mains frequency. Running at lower power levels means that components are less likley to be destroyed, but there is still no guarantee.

Coil driver ignition

At inches there is no problem. With many cycles happening within a second you can blow several transistors quite easily.

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